February 18, 2020

The Latest Siemens PET MRI Scanner Models

News from the Industry on Siemens PET MRI Scanner Models

Being in the market for a medical scanner does not necessarily mean you are interested in the latest models. But being aware of what is happening in the industry is essential either way. Even without an immediate need for a Siemens PET MRI scanner, staying up to date puts you in an advantageous position.

Being consistently aware of the upgrades, trends, and developments provides you an awareness of the best times to make moves in upgrading your equipment or otherwise. 

The implementation of PET MRI imaging in the past decade is an ideal example of changes that are underway in imaging. The hybrid imaging systems have allowed clinics to innovate within their practices, streamline processes, and reveal new possibilities in the realms of treatment and risk reduction. There remains a limited number of companies offering simultaneous acquisition of PET MRI systems, but Siemens is leading the way. 

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What Does PET MRI Scanning Mean for Clinics

In June of 2011, the Siemens Biograph mMR gained clearance as the first positron emission tomography(PET) magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) scanner in America. As the first PET/MRI system on the market, it made a significant impact on the industry. The introduction allowed the ability of simultaneous imaging of location, function, and metabolic activity of organs. Having all of these in a single image meant that patients requiring the separate images could be done more efficiently and with a lower dose of radiation. 

The single imaging application makes it easier for a clinic to identify abnormalities for prevention. This introduction has proven to be a revolutionary one for the industry. Hybrid imaging of PET and MRI has gained a lot of attention in the past decade as clinics can innovate further with their introduction. 

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How are Siemens PET MRI Scanner Models Progressing?

The implementation of PET MRI imaging continues to find new meaningful ways to impact diagnosis, prevention, and risk-reduction of certain diseases.

According to a study published in January of 2020, researchers found using PET MRI imaging allowed the assessment of multiple differences in biomarkers, potentially impacting a clinical practice’s risk-reduction strategies and risk-adapted screening for breast cancer.

The applications for breast cancer screening and risk-reduction are further evidence that the attention PET and MRI have received as a hybrid imaging modality is justified. While different innovations are sure to take place in the imaging world, for now, the union of PET and MRI imaging is one garnering a great deal of attention as something that is going to move the health care industry forward. The use of the technology will continue to reveal new applications and processes will become further implemented as standard procedure. The time until these practices become common remains unknown, but awareness of the changes they are creating is already becoming essential. 

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