PET/CT Services


Maintenance service programs for PET/CT and PET scanners are at the core of our business. Our quality scanners and everything we do begins with our affordable maintenance service. When we started Marquis Medical, we pledged to deliver the best service possible at an affordable cost. Since then our business has grown continuously expanding across the United States. A demonstration we’re getting it right with our PET/CT services.

Our service engineers are some of the best in the industry. Each is factory trained and we’re constantly updating their training. In 2014, we received ISO 13485 certification. Our ISO Certification is validation that Marquis Medical rates among the best of the best in medical device service and sales.


If you are off warranty and still using OEM service we can reduce your costs and improve performance. Your situation is unique and your service arrangement should be designed to meet your requirements. No Gold, Silver or Bronze plans. No fancy slogans just excellent service focused on meeting your technical, clinical and financial needs. Contact our service department for an assessment of what we can do to help you improve your PET/CT scanner’s performance.  


Our training syllabus is designed by active Marquis Medical engineers who have seen it all!  Learn from the best in the business when it comes to PET/CT service.  The perfect mix of classroom and hands-on training creates an ideal experience for Clinical Engineers looking to minimize cost and downtime. Contact Marquis Medical today to register.  


If PET/CT is in your future and you wish to make certain you’re getting the best deal, Marquis Medical is able to provide PET/CT inspection services. Don’t take the word of the seller, contact Marquis Medical and we’ll provide an on-site inspection with full report.  

Removal and Installation

We are experts in the removal of fixed and mobile PET/CT systems. We are pleased to quote you an affordable price to remove, disassemble, pack and ship your PET/CT. Our experience de-installing is only outdone by our ability to install and start-up a PET/CT you’ve just acquired or are moving to another site. Contact Marquis Medical for an affordably priced quote on all PET/CT services. 


Frequently we are contacted by a site that does not have a regular service arrangement with any vendor but is able to perform first call service coverage on their own. We are at the ready for emergency calls and other needs when the repair required is beyond the capability of the in-house staff. Contact Marquis Medical for your repair.  

Appraisal PET/CT Services

If you’re considering selling or trading your PET/CT, and not sure of its value in today’s marketplace, you need an independent appraisal of your system. Marquis and its expert team are ready to inspect and provide you with a report of the scanner’s value as part of a sale or trade-in. Contact Marquis Medical for you appraisal.