January 15, 2020

Deciding on The Best Siemens CT Scanner Models

Siemens CT Scanner Models That Do and Don’t Fit Your Needs

When it comes to Siemens CT Scanner Models, no two are the same. And, when it comes to the clinics that are looking for these models, needs, desires, and preferences will come in a wide variety. With an investment as substantial as a CT Scanner can come – especially when considering the purchase of a new scanner – a clinic cannot overthink this process no matter how much time it puts into it. Of course, there is a point where a purchase needs to be made, and this article is to help you get there.

Depending on the particular clinic, there are dramatically different needs. One clinic cannot go purely off the recommendation of a clinic that has a scanner working well for them unless the two are always seeing the same patients for the same reasons. A clinic must be aware of their specific needs and workload to make an informed choice.

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Being Aware of the Specifications for Specific Needs

It is crucial to keep in mind that one scanner does not function the same for different purposes. For example, if we look at multiple Siemens CT Scanner models, we can see scan times are different for the different types of scans it might perform. The SOMATOM Drive has a scan time for cardiac imaging of 6.48 seconds, but with Thoraco-Abdominal Imaging, that time increases to 28 seconds.

These are both exceptional scan times either way, but that is expected from state of the art systems like the SOMATOM Drive. With some scanners, the differences in time can have a significant impact on scanning and patient comfort level. It is not a viable method to decide on the fastest system as that could quickly have a clinic pouring too much of its resources into the scanner.

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Understanding The Price Range

For the biggest operations out there, a much larger budget will likely be at their disposal. It is also likely that larger practices will be seeing many more patients than their counterparts. For these situations, the higher-end machines with triple-digit slice counts are going to be moving patients along at a much faster rate. A 256 slice CT scanner is one of the highest available on the market, but those can cost more than $2 million.

While slice count is important, and speed can help, moving to a lower slice count can save a lot of money for distribution towards other clinical needs. A new 16 slice CT scanner isn’t cheap, usually around $300,000, but having a few hundred thousand dollars back in your budget is a valuable resource, and a lower slice count will make a dramatic difference in price. Of the Siemens CT Scanner models, the SOMATOM Emotion 16 eco is an excellent 16 slice option where a clinic could expect a price tag between $50,000 and $100,000.

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