November 29, 2019

Siemens Biograph MCT PET CT Scanner Providing Comprehensive Benefits

Siemens Biograph MCT PET CT Scanner at a Glance

Siemens Biograph MCT PET CT Scanner with FlowMotion technology is designed with convenience and comfort in mind. Patient satisfaction and comfort is a top priority for any clinic. A clinic will regularly have in mind the well-being of their patients as well as their staff. The relationship between these groups of people can easily turn into a virtuous or vicious cycle depending on how they are managed and treated.

With reduced scan time and increased patient comfort, this Siemens Biograph MCT Scanner creates the environment to have those relationships and interactions working in the favor of the clinic and everyone that steps through its doors. The increased speed of the scanning comes with a reduction in the dosage of the radioactive material needed to produce the image of the body part being scanned. This means that while increasing patient comfort, you are also increasing patient safety.

Beyond the patient comfort that is already provided, this Siemens Biograph MCT Scanner also expands the scope of patients you will be able to serve. An expanded 78 cm bore, along with the short tunnel and table capacity of 500 lbs, will result in increased patient satisfaction based on the extended ability to serve. The increased satisfaction and comfort for patients would already make a technician’s job easier, and the technology in place takes that ease further still.

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Siemens Biograph MCT PET CT Scanner for Technicians

The speed of the scan is enabled by FlowMotion technology which also provides a single, high-quality image as opposed to the fragmented imaging of its counterparts. The increased ability to detect small lesions is already an advantage. Reducing the complication of extra tasks by producing a single image simplifies the process for your technicians to create a more efficient working environment.

Ease of use is intelligently integrated into Siemens Biograph Scanner technology. The use of automatic daily calibration and normalization will result in consistent and reliable performance without added hours of time and attention from staff. Of course, this comes with a level of risk as well. Trusting the technology to successfully monitor itself at all times means that a technician will have less work to do, which is good. Although, this does not mean that a technician has less to focus on. They still need to understand every part of the technology to detect when adjustments need to be made.

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Staying on Top of Training

One of the greatest risks in applying more intelligent, self-monitoring technology into our tools is in becoming too dependent upon them. When we have self-monitoring tools that can calibrate and normalize automatically, it is expected that operators will build greater trust in the results as they produce consistent quality. Having too strong a dependence on this smart technology runs the risk of making us feel that we can neglect our training. If anything, training becomes even more essential to make sure the people operating these scanners can quickly detect where mistakes are being made.

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