PET Scan Machine for Sale: How to Find the Best

Finding the Right PET Scan Machine for Sale

Quick decisions and fast action come with a lot of benefits in the function of a clinic, but taking time to ensure the best possible decisions are made when looking to buy new equipment can have it’s payoffs. This is especially true when looking for an essential piece of equipment, like a PET scan machine for sale.

When browsing machines, whether new or used, research and diligence is best in helping to avoid making an erroneous purchase. Two of the most significant factors in this process include building trust with the people you are working with and utilizing the connections you already have. 

The purchase of a device should not be done alone. Building relationships of trust and utilizing the connections that already exist are both important and easy to overlook.

Who to Trust in Your Search

Having faith in the people that are aiding you in your search is critical for this process. That doesn’t mean it is a good practice to trust the first person willing to offer help. Due diligence in the process of reviewing background and reputation of the people you are working with is essential with such an important purchase.

Look at a person’s past work and the connections they have in the industry. Understanding the reputation they have built for themselves and the people they have in their circle puts you in a position to see how well deserved their reputation is. A mere resume of impressive accomplishments and history proves nothing. Take your time to confirm the level of reputability. 

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Connections You Already Have to a PET Scan Machine for Sale

Do not overlook the connections you have already made in the industry, even if they are not the closest of companions. You have a lot of people throughout the industry that you interact with on a day to day basis in the process of running a firm or doing your work. 

Exploring relationships to discover the utility of certain connections is a powerful step in your process. Even if they are not a direct connection to a PET scan machine for sale, there is always a possibility they have second or third connections that could yield results for you. 

Tapping into one part of your network has a much greater reach than a single individual. The reach goes to expand to their connections and, really, just by talking to a single person, you are opening doors far beyond the original scope of the interaction. 

The chance to expand your reach does not mean you should ask anybody you’ve ever interacted with. Being in the industry does not automatically mean a person is trustworthy. Carry out due diligence to ensure trustworthiness.

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Siemens Biograph PET MRI vs PET/CT Scanners

When new technology is introduced, it is natural to measure it up against its predecessors. With Siemens Biograph PET MRI, one may wonder if it will deliver results on par with the traditional PET/CT Scanners. The new technology has the advantage of bringing together positron emission tomography (PET) with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to cover a wider variety of needs with a single device. The concern has not been with the utility of the technology, but with the quality of it.

The technology used in Siemens Biograph PET MRI has been utilized for diagnosing and treating diseases including Alzheimer’s, dementia, lymphoma, brain tumors, and breast cancer, along with a number of other cancers. If the images produced by the technology would be compromised, it would not contribute to progress in helping doctors treat or diagnose diseases. An increase in the number of diseases that can be detected and treated is a minuscule gain if the quality to which they can be detected is marginalized.

Marquis Medical is on the cutting edge of the scanner industry. With the latest information and technology to serve your unique needs, we are your go-to service provider for all your PET/CT related questions.

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Through a number of case studies, Siemens Biograph PET MRI has appeared to hold its own. In some cases, the MRI component of the technology was able to identify lesions that the PET technology did not reveal because of the small size of the lesions themselves. There has also been evidence of increased acquisition time with this PET MRI technology over PET/CT systems.

This is not to go so far as to say that PET/CT technology is obsolete. There remains a tremendous range of applications for the technology, and a few tests displaying a higher range of detection for new technology is not a reason to scrap the existing technology that has served us well. It may be more of an indication of the winds of change. This technology has proven that it has very real applications that can change the way we treat patients for the better. Technology is always moving in the direction of progress and this is a sign that future technology may look a lot more like Siemens Biograph.

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The results that have been produced by Siemens Biograph PET MRI give plenty of reason for you to consider whether or not your PET/CT scanner is providing the results you need. Could it be time for a change? Whether you are thinking of making a change to the latest technology or upgrading your existing equipment, Marquis Medical can help fill your needs. Whether it is service, repair, or finding new parts for your existing equipment, contact us to see how we can help.

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Cardiology practices everywhere are adding PET Cardiology to their facilities to help perform Gated Cardiac Perfusion Studies. The recent partnership between Marquis Medical and Wayne Webster, managing director of Diagnostix Plus, offers Cardiology practices the most complete, cost-effective PET Cardiac product on the market.

Together, Diagnostix Plus & Marquis Medical are able to offer a complete turn-key solution ranging from site planning and installation, to physician and technologist training. A perfect example of this is the recent install performed for Valley Cardiology in McAllen, Texas.

Valley Cardiology worked with Wayne Webster to develop a plan to add PET to their Nuclear Medicine Department. The plan was structured to provide a path for Valley Cardiology to follow to success. In just a short time the practice was ready to launch their program and start generating revenue. In charge of the project, Celine Garcia of Valley Cardiology explains:

“With a large operation, such as remodeling the Nuclear Medicine Department to accommodate a PET camera and moving an existing SPECT camera, there are going to be some issues. However, there was always great communication between the staff and myself and the architect. Any questions I had along the way were always answered in timely manner and the staff was professional and helpful. The experience has been positive from all aspects.”

Marquis teams with Diagnostic Plus to provide in-depth post-installation training on operations, applications, and for physicians. Wayne Webster excels at educating the customer/doctors on the benefits of PET Cardiology vs. SPECT (nuclear) Cardiology, and coordinates all technologist and doctor training. This training helps pave the way for a smooth transition. Celine Garcia had this to say about the post installation and training experience at Valley…

“When a question did arise, I called the service numbers and had my question answered. Being able to communicate with the staff at CVIT for technical questions concerning processing has been reassuring. The training experience was painless. The applications staff was thorough in explanation of camera and computer acquisition software.”

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A very popular item in Cardiology practices today is to use PET systems to perform “Gated Cardiac Perfusion Studies” using the radioactive tracer Rubidium-82. In light of this, Marquis Medical and Diagnostix Plus have partnered together to offer Cardiology practices the most complete, cost-effective PET Cardiac product on the market.

Diagnostix Plus and Marquis Medical joined forces two years ago to create an offering that was different than any other in the pre-owned marketplace. This PET MPI solution was envisioned by Wayne Webster, Managing Director of Diagnostix Plus.

Together with Marquis Medical, they formed an offering that took a very complex acquisition and project implementation, making it possible for the buyer to focus on clinical excellence and revenue generation.

Technical Service You Can Count on

Marquis Medical, the industry leader in providing pre-owned PET & PET/ CT systems, provides the technical/service group of the partnership. Marquis tests, verifies, & upgrades all PET systems prior to shipment, plus provides site planning, equipment preparation, installation and warranty service for each project.

Marquis provides warranty service for 1-year, and post warranty service contracts after that year is up. Marquis Medical’s capture rate is currently at 100% converting warranty customers into contract customers, a reflection of how customers feel Marquis performs as a service provider.

Clinical Training and Seamless Transition

Marquis teamed with expert Wayne Webster of Diagnostix Plus, who have been in business for almost three decades. The Company specializes in nuclear medicine imaging, equipment, components, systems, parts and service. Diagnostix Plus continues to be one of the top suppliers of SPECT and PET scanning systems and solutions. Working with companies like Marquis Medical, it continues to be a major in the pre-owned nuclear medicine equipment market.

Wayne Webster excels at educating the customer/doctors on the benefits of PET Cardiology vs. SPECT (nuclear) Cardiology, and coordinates all technologist and doctor training. It’s one thing to say you can deliver a piece of equipment, and a whole other to make it all work seamlessly for the buyer. In this program it starts with basic business development provided by Webster and Diagnostix Plus. According to Webster…

“The program offered by our partnership is complete and ready to be used after training. I like to say, you supply the room and the patients and we do the rest.”

With painstaking detail Webster works with each potential customer, understanding their practice and providing information that allows the buyer considering PET MPI to determine if it’s a good fit. Once the decision to go forward with PET MPI is made, Webster works with the potential buyer to develop plans for the installation, integrating the radiopharmaceutical and projections for revenue and expenses over the life of the equipment.

A Business Plan To Start Generating Revenue

A business plan is structured that provides a path for the practice to follow to success. In just a few days the practice is ready to launch their program and start generating revenue.

The two pieces, business development and technical expertise, have made this product offering for in-office PET MPI without equal. According to Wayne Webster….

“Others are offering equipment and we are offering solutions. PET MPI is not a one size fits all. For many practices PET will not work. We offer support for the practice considering PET, information that helps them make a decision, and should they choose us, we offer the most comprehensive package in the industry.”

Together, Diagnostix Plus & Marquis Medical are able to offer a complete turn-key solution ranging from site planning and installation, to physician and technologist training.

For more on how Marquis Medical can help you with your PET & PET / CT system service needs, contact them today!

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