October 31, 2019

Siemens Inveon PET CT: Making Advances in Treatment Possible

The Siemens Inveon PET CT Scanner is a Powerful Tool That Many Professionals Come to Us For

Most institutions in the market for PET/CT scanners are searching for much larger scanners than the Siemens Inveon PET CT. If you are searching the web for information about the Inveon, you know that medical imaging tests aren’t just for humans. Small animal imaging plays a critical role in the development of therapies and compounds that researchers hope to bring to humans. That’s where this Siemens PET CT scanner comes in. This system is designed specifically to capture high-resolution images of small animals’ organs and tissues.

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Learn About the Siemens Inveon PET CT Scanner for Small Animal Imaging

This Siemens PET CT scanner works like larger scanners, but is specifically designed for use on small animals such as mice and rats in biomedical research facilities. 

Here’s what the staff at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s small animal imaging center have to say about the Siemens Inveon:

“In December 2006, we received the first ever Inveon hybrid microPET/CT scanner from Siemens. Coupled with our own proprietary cell-selective imaging contrast agents, this scanner affords our investigators unique disease detection and evaluation which can only be provided at the UW. This scanner provides unsurpassed PET sensitivity (>10%), 1.2mm resolution, and a large axial field of view (13 cm). The anatomical CT and the functional PET images are automatically co-registered for easy analysis. An integrated isoflurane anesthetic gas system and physiologic monitoring system allow for image gating and animal monitoring during scanning.”

Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Small Animal Imaging: Advancing the Possibilities for Research

Scanners like the Siemens Inveon PET scanner are vastly expanding the possibilities for biomedical research. Using PET, researchers can assess metabolic brain activity in mice, align those data with anatomical features, and repeat the experiment for days, weeks or months. 

“The beauty of in vivo imaging is that you don’t need to sacrifice the animal… You can look at changes due to treatment or any other manipulation over time, and that is a very powerful method compared to traditional immunochemistry.” – Hong Yuan, Director, Biomedical Research Imaging Center Small Animal Imaging Facility, UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine

Source: Science Magazine

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