November 8, 2019

Siemens Biograph PET MRI; Can it Deliver Comparable Results?

Siemens Biograph PET MRI vs PET/CT Scanners

When new technology is introduced, it is natural to measure it up against its predecessors. With Siemens Biograph PET MRI, one may wonder if it will deliver results on par with the traditional PET/CT Scanners. The new technology has the advantage of bringing together positron emission tomography (PET) with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to cover a wider variety of needs with a single device. The concern has not been with the utility of the technology, but with the quality of it.

The technology used in Siemens Biograph PET MRI has been utilized for diagnosing and treating diseases including Alzheimer’s, dementia, lymphoma, brain tumors, and breast cancer, along with a number of other cancers. If the images produced by the technology would be compromised, it would not contribute to progress in helping doctors treat or diagnose diseases. An increase in the number of diseases that can be detected and treated is a minuscule gain if the quality to which they can be detected is marginalized.

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Through a number of case studies, Siemens Biograph PET MRI has appeared to hold its own. In some cases, the MRI component of the technology was able to identify lesions that the PET technology did not reveal because of the small size of the lesions themselves. There has also been evidence of increased acquisition time with this PET MRI technology over PET/CT systems.

This is not to go so far as to say that PET/CT technology is obsolete. There remains a tremendous range of applications for the technology, and a few tests displaying a higher range of detection for new technology is not a reason to scrap the existing technology that has served us well. It may be more of an indication of the winds of change. This technology has proven that it has very real applications that can change the way we treat patients for the better. Technology is always moving in the direction of progress and this is a sign that future technology may look a lot more like Siemens Biograph.

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The results that have been produced by Siemens Biograph PET MRI give plenty of reason for you to consider whether or not your PET/CT scanner is providing the results you need. Could it be time for a change? Whether you are thinking of making a change to the latest technology or upgrading your existing equipment, Marquis Medical can help fill your needs. Whether it is service, repair, or finding new parts for your existing equipment, contact us to see how we can help.

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