June 27, 2019

What is the Cost of a PET Scan Machine from Marquis Medical?

What is the Cost of a PET Scan Machine? Choose Marquis Medical to Save on Cost Without Compromising Quality

Once available at only a select few institutions, PET scan machines have become ubiquitous. PET scan machines are now seen as essential to the diagnosis of cancer and other serious ailments, and can be found in medical settings throughout the nation and the world. But what is the cost of a PET scan machine? A new PET scan machine can cost around $2 million. (Source: dicardiology.com). At Marquis Medical, we can help you save up to half the cost of a new PET scan machine — and help you save on maintenance as well.

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PET Scan Machines from Marquis Medical: Essential Technology at an Affordable Cost

We are the trusted source for refurbished PET scan machines that operate like new. And we are known for our maintenance programs that keep PET scan machines functioning perfectly, at a lower cost than OEM maintenance. If you are interested in purchasing a PET scanner, then you need to browse our inventory and get acquainted with our selection of refurbished PET/CT models. Reach out to learn the cost of our PET scan machines; we are only a phone call or email away. We are always happy to respond to your questions and support you in finding the best PET/CT scanner to meet your needs and budget.

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Growth of PET Imaging in the Medical Industry

One might think the rapid growth of PET imaging is cause for concern. But according to Oncology Journal, the growing acceptance of PET has been based on strong evidence of its reliability, safety, and effectiveness.

“This promulgation of PET imaging has not come in an explosive and uncontrolled fashion. Quite the contrary: each step forward in the acceptance of PET, and—equally importantly—the coverage of PET by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), has come to be through the collection and presentation of evidence in support of PET’s role in oncology. In its most recent decision memo, CMS approved the use of PET for initial evaluation and subsequent evaluation of nearly all solid tumors, based on evidence provided by the National Oncologic PET Registry and others.”

If you are asking about the cost of a PET scan machine then you are considering making a significant investment in your institution’s medical imaging capacity. With expertly refurbished PET/CT scanners available from Marquis, you can enjoy all the capabilities of popular PET/CT scan models from Siemens, at a fraction of the cost of new. You will also experience our dedication to customer service, based on decades of experience in every aspect of PET/CT service engineering. Founders Joe Sciarra and Kevin McGehee look forward to working with you!

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