February 4, 2020

Used PET CT Scanners: Where To Find The Most Reliable

Knowing What to Search For in Used PET CT Scanners

There could be more solutions than you realize for your imaging needs. If you only have a temporary obligation, renting a mobile imaging system could be sufficient. On the other hand, if you are going to have a long term purpose for an imaging system, exploring used PET CT scanners for purchase is a good choice. 

For the needs of many clinics, a 16-slice device will be more than sufficient. There are plenty of cases where lower than 16-slices can be adequate, while a higher slice count will be for special requirements or research purposes. 

There will be a range of requirements aside from the slice count that you will need to account for to be sure you are getting a scanner to fulfill your needs. Make sure to understand the gantry width you require and the type of scanning functions you are looking to have fulfilled. With an investment in a system of this significance, you want to make sure to ask the proper questions and understand what will suit you best. 

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Where to Look for Used PET CT Scanners

Marquis Medical has experience working with an array of PET CT scanners. Whether it is a mobile Biograph or a non-mobile edition of a scanner that you are looking for, Marquis Medical has reliable equipment to fulfill your needs. 

Some clinics will consider replacing their scanners too quickly. If you already have a scanner that you are thinking about replacing because of poor function, first, look into replacing parts to improve performance. Marquis Medical has a stock of parts that may help your scanner perform up to your expectations. 

If you are not sure whether your scanner can be fixed or needs to be replaced, you can speak to our service team to help resolve the issues. The servicing and reconditioning teams at Marquis Medical are highly skilled and experienced in working with scanners. Through our best-in-class service, Marquis Medical will put you and your clinic in the best position to serve your patients.

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Getting All of Your Requirements Met in One Location

When taking on the responsibilities of a PET CT scanner, there are many more responsibilities to meet. You have to make sure your staff is well trained and will be capable of handling any malfunctions at the earliest convenience. An oversight in the smallest details could lead to a significant backlog for patient appointments and long term delays in fulfilling requirements.

Working with Marquis Medical means having a full-service partner with you to aid your servicing and training needs. Marquis Medical is the complete package for your needs. Unlike many suppliers who try to work with all kinds of scanners, Marquis Medical stays focused. We work only with PET/CT scanners to keep our focus sharp and in your best interest. 

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