December 23, 2019

Used PET CT Scanner for Sale: Best Choices for Clinics

When a Used PET CT Scanner for Sale is The Right Choice

In many avenues of life, buying something used can feel like a request for an early malfunction. With large purchases — like the one a clinic would be making when they are looking for a used PET CT scanner for sale — it could lead to the trap of having to repurchase the device when a clinic wastes money on a poor decision with their first purchase. This mindset can lead some to think that buying new is the only way to go, and if they cannot afford it, there are no other options. Buying new can be a sound option for many, but buying used or refurbished systems can still prove a sound strategy, primarily when operating with a budget.

From an equipment standpoint, the most important consideration for a clinic is to have the equipment it needs for its unique set of patients. The second thing is having people to operate it. Paying attention to the people on your team can help you make the right decisions on your equipment. 

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Have Someone Who Knows What They’re Looking At

When purchasing a used scanner, it is essential to have someone on staff that has experience with the devices. Putting your faith too strongly in a seller to educate you in this scenario is to expose yourself to an unsatisfactory purchase. If the person running the clinic and making the purchasing decisions does not already have a depth of experience with scanners, that person needs to have someone with the experience by their side before shopping for a used PET CT scanner for sale. Having that strong foundation of knowledge to review the device puts a clinic in a stronger position to be confident in their purchase.

While this might seem counter-intuitive, the other person a clinic needs to be highly knowledgable is the seller of the device. Having the knowledge advantage is valuable, but the real value is having quality knowledge on both ends of the transaction. There is a good chance of some level of refurbishing has taken place, and a knowledgable seller is in a position to spot problems and fix them before you do. A critical part of trusting a seller is being able to see that they know the product they are dealing with. Even if there is no refurbishing done, they can at least inform the buyer of anything that needs fixing, and the knowledgable person on the buyer’s end can confirm the diagnosis or give their own opinion if it differs.

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Buying a Device That Needs Work

Finding a used PET CT scanner for sale that is not in working condition does not mean it is something you cannot buy. If the price tag, coupled with the necessary refurbishing, comes to a number you can manage, this might be a better route than purchasing from somebody who already has the work done. Having the work done yourself, by people you know and trust can provide even greater security in the refurbishing process. Purchases of this magnitude must come with as much confidence as possible. 

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