Marquis Medical Joins GE Healthcare’s Multi-Vendor Program

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For years, GE’s multi-vendor program was unable to include the Siemens PET & PET CT systems. Thanks to a new deal between GE and Marquis Medical, hospitals using a Siemens PET &/or PET CT system can for the first time ever, have only one number to call for service on any of their imaging systems.

Marquis Medical is known as the industry leader in providing pre-owned PET & PET/ CT systems. Primarily known as a service company because of their extensive technical knowledge of the Siemens PET & PET/CT, Marquis Medical is one of the few in the PET marketplace that can offer a TRUE turn-key solution.

GE Healthcare’s multi vendor program is a single source for getting the best performance from all of your imaging equipment from a partner you can trust who delivers.

Marquis now gives GE the ability to offer Siemens PET & PET/CT service thru their Multi-vendor program.

In the past, GE Healthcare was unable to provide Siemens PET & PET/CT service under the Multi-Vendor program because GE could not legally service Siemens PET unless they found a vendor that was trained directly from Siemens, and possessed the OEM system specific training certificates. That vendor is now, Marquis Medical.

Marquis Medical has the necessary training to help GE Healthcare fill this void.  Marquis Medical employs Siemens trained PET engineers and have become known as the #1 alternative to OEM PET & PET/CT service.

Marquis Medical’s Vice President, Joe Sciarra, explains…

“The Multi-Vendor program provides a Hospital one point of contact and one protocol when service is needed on any of their imaging modalities, regardless of manufacturer.

Having one point of contact and one company responsible for the service of all imaging systems makes life much easier for hospital administrators.”

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