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Mobile PET CT scanners make top quality medical imaging accessible to smaller hospitals with fewer patients or unique situations. Small, rural hospitals may not be able to afford expensive PET/CT equipment, but still need the technology to diagnose and treat their patients with cancer, heart disease and brain disease. Mobile scanners are also used for interim solutions during upgrades and remodels, in instances of increased patient volume, or for disaster recovery. Whether you need a mobile solution on an interim or long-term basis, we are here to help. Here at Marquis Medical, we specialize in everything PET/CT, including mobile scanners. We have reconditioned systems in our inventory now, and we also offer maintenance, training programs, repairs, and much more. Explore our inventory, and contact us to learn more about our systems and services!

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Mobile Scanners and More In Our Inventory

We have recently introduced mobile leasing services, and currently have a mobile Biograph 6 from Siemens in our inventory. This 2006 system is available for sale or lease. Both the PET/CT and trailer are in excellent condition. It will meet your needs for oncology, cardiology and neurology scans and deliver clear, precise images.

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Why Choose Mobile PET CT Scanners?

According to an article in Axis Imaging News, there are a wide range of benefits to mobile imaging.

“Proponents of this 1-, 2-, 3-, and sometimes even 4-day-per-week mobile imaging point out that it is good for patients. Patients get service close to home, with doctors and nurses they know. Some hospitals using mobile modalities say they do not make much money, but all of them who continue the services at least reach the break-even point. Local doctors like the services too. Patients stay close and radiology reports come from the local facility they routinely deal with.”

Axis Imaging News

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In addition to reconditioned systems like the mobile Biograph 6, we provide total PET/CT service to our customers. Are you off warranty and still using OEM service? We can reduce your costs and improve performance. We will tailor our service program to your unique situation, because every client has different requirements. Contact us for an assessment of how we can improve your PET/CT scanner’s performance.


Not only do we provide the best service — we also provide the best training. Active Marquis Medical engineers designed our training syllabus, and you can be sure they have seen it all! If you want to learn from the best in the business when it comes to PET/CT service, choose Marquis Medical for your training program. We deliver the perfect mix of classroom and hands-on training — an ideal experience for engineers looking to minimize downtown and cost. Contact us today to register!

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