Owning or Renting? Can Mobile Leasing Meet Your Needs?

The Utility of Mobile Leasing

An office or clinic may have a need for a PET/CT scanner, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they need to own one. Mobile leasing can be a viable option for those in need of PET/CT scanner services. A facility should not make a decision without first analyzing their needs, in order to evaluate how mobile leasing vs. purchasing will serve them.

Utilizing the technology of a PET/CT scanner provides multiple benefits. The application of positron emission tomography (PET) with computed tomography (CT) enables the identification of uncommon cell function and the ability to display abnormalities with greater accuracy. Such imaging allows doctors to better identify the precise location of abnormal growths, such as tumors. The level of information helps to better understand disease progression and the risks that a patient is facing.

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What to Consider With Mobile Leasing

Have you taken your establishment’s needs into consideration? Do you require the most recent technology, or will standard operations only require a reliable system? Who is going to be operating the system? What kind of finances are available? All these questions and more must be answered in order for you to understand what the best decision is for you and your practice.

Some situations require quick solutions. Mobile leasing can be the best option to make sure a budget is not unnecessarily stretched because of an excess purchase. The first priority of any practice should be to provide a service. Mobile leasing allows that practice to provide the service as quickly as possible, regardless of other restrictions.

This means that patients can be served in a number of situations. During construction, renovations, recovery from natural disasters, or if a clinic’s primary equipment is being serviced, mobile options can prevent a build-up in patient backlog. Keeping patient flow efficient increases patient comfort and creates a better working environment for staff.

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An Array of Options to Meet Your Needs

Your main needs may not be with mobile leasing at all. A clinic could be most efficiently served by purchasing a refurbished system, replacing parts on an existing system, or having service done on the scanner they have. Marquis Medical offers a variety of services to meet your particular needs.

Just as important as getting the right equipment and parts for a clinic is getting the right training for the staff. Inappropriate use of a system can cause more errors and require a greater need for outside services. Having the right team to call for your servicing and training needs can make a world of difference for your staff. Knowing that your team has been provided with the best service and training lets you know that the patients will be in good hands moving forward.

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