Marquis Medical Installs Siemens PET System for Excel Medical Imaging


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In the PET Service industry, one quality in a service provider trumps all else: reliability.

A perfect example of this is the recent install Marquis Medical performed for Excel Medical Imaging.

Marquis Medical is known as the industry leader in providing pre-owned PET & PET/ CT systems. Primarily known as a service company because of their extensive technical knowledge of the Siemens PET & PET/CT, Marquis Medical is one of the few in the PET marketplace that can offer a TRUE turn-key solution.

Excel Medical Imaging is owned by Board Certified Radiologists that have extensive hospital-based experience in helping patients with diagnostic imaging challenges.

Excel Medical Imaging hired Marquis Medical to install a Siemens Exact 47 PET system. They purchased the system from another vendor, so Marquis was kind of dealing with an unknown prior to installation.

Normally, all systems purchased by Marquis Medical are delivered to their facility and endure an extensive testing and refurbishing process.

Marquis provided site planning as they worked with Excel Medical Imaging’s contractors to assure room readiness prior to delivery of the system. However, when the system arrived, there was a critical problem.

During installation, Marquis Medical found the system’s chiller, a crucial component, was defective. Without the chiller, the system cannot operate. Excel Medical Imaging’s business administrator, Stacy Sharrone, explains…

“During the installation of the PET camera we ran into a snag that could have delayed the installation for many days. The guys at Marquis worked quickly and the problem was resolved that same evening.

Joe, Kyle and the rest of the guys were very professional and very knowledgeable. We’re very happy to have chosen Marquis Medical to perform our installation.”

Marquis Medical quickly provided and installed a new chiller to get them up and running and avoid downtime. Then, they finished up the installation and provided their technologists with the appropriate Applications Training.

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For all PET & PET/CT service updates, follow Marquis Medical on twitter.

Marquis Medical, the industry leader in pre-owned Siemen’s PET & PET/CT Systems has expanded it’s services to cover…

  • GE & Siemens CT
  • GE, Siemens, and Shimadzu Specialized X-ray.

Downtime costs money, and Marquis Medical’s service is intended to put that money back in your pocket.

As always, Marquis Medical employs only the best OEM trained service engineers. Our engineers have extensive product knowledge, and many years of experience in maintaining these very complex medical imaging systems.

Marquis Medical offers a full array of service options on all of our products. From pre-owned equipment, installations, repair, or general maintenance, our team has the technical expertise and training to help your project succeed.

Marquis Medical has established an excellent reputation for service on Siemens PET & PET/CT and this will serve as our model for all future expansions.

In fact, read about how GE partnered with Marquis Medical recently to expand the service on their Multi vendor program for imaging equipment.

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