PET Cardiology Market Leaders Partner to Help Cardiologists Perform Gated Cardiac Perfusion Studies

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A very popular item in Cardiology practices today is to use PET systems to perform “Gated Cardiac Perfusion Studies” using the radioactive tracer Rubidium-82. In light of this, Marquis Medical and Diagnostix Plus have partnered together to offer Cardiology practices the most complete, cost-effective PET Cardiac product on the market.

Diagnostix Plus and Marquis Medical joined forces two years ago to create an offering that was different than any other in the pre-owned marketplace. This PET MPI solution was envisioned by Wayne Webster, Managing Director of Diagnostix Plus.

Together with Marquis Medical, they formed an offering that took a very complex acquisition and project implementation, making it possible for the buyer to focus on clinical excellence and revenue generation.

Technical Service You Can Count on

Marquis Medical, the industry leader in providing pre-owned PET & PET/ CT systems, provides the technical/service group of the partnership. Marquis tests, verifies, & upgrades all PET systems prior to shipment, plus provides site planning, equipment preparation, installation and warranty service for each project.

Marquis provides warranty service for 1-year, and post warranty service contracts after that year is up. Marquis Medical’s capture rate is currently at 100% converting warranty customers into contract customers, a reflection of how customers feel Marquis performs as a service provider.

Clinical Training and Seamless Transition

Marquis teamed with expert Wayne Webster of Diagnostix Plus, who have been in business for almost three decades. The Company specializes in nuclear medicine imaging, equipment, components, systems, parts and service. Diagnostix Plus continues to be one of the top suppliers of SPECT and PET scanning systems and solutions. Working with companies like Marquis Medical, it continues to be a major in the pre-owned nuclear medicine equipment market.

Wayne Webster excels at educating the customer/doctors on the benefits of PET Cardiology vs. SPECT (nuclear) Cardiology, and coordinates all technologist and doctor training. It’s one thing to say you can deliver a piece of equipment, and a whole other to make it all work seamlessly for the buyer. In this program it starts with basic business development provided by Webster and Diagnostix Plus. According to Webster…

“The program offered by our partnership is complete and ready to be used after training. I like to say, you supply the room and the patients and we do the rest.”

With painstaking detail Webster works with each potential customer, understanding their practice and providing information that allows the buyer considering PET MPI to determine if it’s a good fit. Once the decision to go forward with PET MPI is made, Webster works with the potential buyer to develop plans for the installation, integrating the radiopharmaceutical and projections for revenue and expenses over the life of the equipment.

A Business Plan To Start Generating Revenue

A business plan is structured that provides a path for the practice to follow to success. In just a few days the practice is ready to launch their program and start generating revenue.

The two pieces, business development and technical expertise, have made this product offering for in-office PET MPI without equal. According to Wayne Webster….

“Others are offering equipment and we are offering solutions. PET MPI is not a one size fits all. For many practices PET will not work. We offer support for the practice considering PET, information that helps them make a decision, and should they choose us, we offer the most comprehensive package in the industry.”

Together, Diagnostix Plus & Marquis Medical are able to offer a complete turn-key solution ranging from site planning and installation, to physician and technologist training.

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