Siemens Flash CT Scanner: A Scanner Reshaping the Industry

How Siemens Flash CT Scanner Innovates to Change Standards

Siemens is a company that has made its reputation through quality production and top-of-the-line manufacturing. But utilizing the same strategies to create new and better scanners has a point of diminishing returns. There needs to be some change in the way a scanner operates for it to be able to make real changes. Siemens Flash CT Scanner is one that fits the bill as an industry-altering scanner. 

Much of the improvements in the scanning industry have revolved around increasing slice counts and lowering the patient dosage. Those two components cover two of the essential parts of scanning goals: patient safety and quality imaging. Siemens, with its SOMATOM Definition Flash, has been able to improve both of these factors by approaching the scanner differently. 

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The Key To Accelerating CT Imaging

The Dual Source technology used in Siemens Flash CT Scanner allows for scans to complete in the blink of an eye. The dual sources are coupled with Stellar detectors to capture the generated X-rays. This method of imaging results in extremely high spatial resolution.

The technology in the SOMATOM Definition Flash enables the highest of standards in a wide range of applications. The scanner can capture cardiology images for patients with irregular heart rates or atrial fibrillations. The speed of scans with this scanner is also useful in use for pediatric patients. Where clinics use sedation to get pediatric patients to sit still for scans, the speed of this scanner makes that harmful sedation obsolete. 

Dual Functionality of Dual Sources in Siemens Flash CT Scanner

The SOMATOM Definition Flash and its dual-source scanning system are not only providing utility through improving the speed of its imaging. By using two sources of radiation, clinics can reduce the overall dosage to which they expose their patients. 

Even though radiation is now coming through two sources with this scanner, the ability to receive imaging from two locations dramatically reduces the amount of time the patient needs to be exposed. Dosage, therefore, drops considerably from the improved rate of the scan alone. This reduction in dosage is especially useful with the increased frequency in the usage of scanners. Dose values below one mSv are the norm with Siemens Flash CT Scanner.

Technical Specifications 

Detector 2 x Stellar detector

Number of slices 2 x 128

Rotation time 0.28 s1

Temporal resolution 75 ms1, heart-rate independent

Generator power 200 kW (2 x 100 kW)

kV steps 70, 80, 100, 120, 140 kV

Isotropic resolution 0.33 mm

Cross-plane resolution 0.30 mm

Max. scan speed 458 mm/s1 with Flash Spiral

Table load up to 307 kg / 676 lbs1

Gantry opening 78 cm

The dual-source technology of Siemens Flash CT Scanner has effectively raised the bar of the scanning world. With this kind of innovation at the hands of a clinic, they enable themselves to transform the way they care for patients.

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