Entering the Future of Scanners with Siemens PET CT Vision

Siemens PET CT Vision: Setting New Standards for the Industry

Siemens PET CT Vision is setting new standards for scanners. With increased efficiency and maximized results, we are getting a glimpse at what future standards in the industry will look like.

Earlier this year, all eyes were on the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where the establishment became the first institution in the USA to install the Siemens PET CT Vision technology. This new technology from Siemens is replete with features that set a new bar for the PET/CT industry.

The technology improves the ability to see small lesions, which will allow quantification with greater accuracy and improve confidence in the understanding of disease progression. This is already a tremendous advantage in raising the quality of care for patients. This Siemens PET CT scanner was created with patient comfort in mind. The design is focused on reducing exposure to radiation and improving comfort for the patient while decreasing examination times.

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Additional Features and Benefits with Siemens PET CT Vision

Along with the landmark standards this Siemens PET CT scanner is setting, there are a number of optional features that can be included with the technology to enhance the performance even further. OncoFreeze can provide images almost entirely motion-free, and it does so in the same amount of time of a standard whole-body scan. CardioFreeze takes this same technology and utilizes it to produce images of the heart that are corrected for respiratory motion.

These features, along with those found with FlowMotion Multiparametric Suite, are shaping the ideas of what we will likely see as standard features moving forward in the PET CT industry. Having the latest equipment with these features provides an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of what is possible in nuclear technology. With this new equipment and state-of-the-art features, staff will need more training to adapt to the new technologies they have at their disposal. Regardless of the equipment you have, extra training should be a consideration to ensure that your team is operating at the highest possible level.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Scanner

Not every clinic can be equipped with the latest technology. Each and every clinic should still be prepared to get the most out of the equipment they do have. If technicians are not using equipment correctly, even the best technology will not provide the results you need. An older scanner with an experienced user will always be better than the newest model being operated by somebody who doesn’t know what they are doing. This is why proper training is one of the most powerful assets you can provide to your clinic’s staff.

The people and their skills are what set a clinic apart. Knowledge and experience enable activities and treatments to be carried out with efficiency. When this is the case, everything in an office operates smoother. The abilities – or lack of abilities – of the technicians will impact every member of the working environment. Put your staff in the position to succeed by having regular, high-quality training sessions and refreshers.  

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