40 Slice CT Scanner: The Best Options Available on the Market

40 Slice Ct Scanner Options For You To Consider

In 2005, Siemens introduced the first 40 slice CT scanner to the market. The development of technology in CT scanners has been as fast as any place in the world, and triple-digit slice scanners are now commonplace. The slice count of a given scanner is deservingly one of the most important factors to consider in a clinic’s purchase of a scanner.

While a 16 slice scanner can sufficiently meet the needs of a high-use facility, the upgrade to a 40 slice scanner will result in shorter examination times with a smaller likelihood of image impairment due to movement. For trauma, very high-use critical care units, and research institutions, there may be a need for an even higher slice count than 40. Still, for the clinic looking for performance improvement over their 16 slice scanner or lower, a 40 slice scanner is an excellent upgrade to make. With most refurbished 40 slice scanners costing less than $100,000, it is a capable scanner to get under the 6-figure price point. 

Opting for a 40 slice scanner means a clinic does not need to compromise between speed and image quality. This slice count allows for both at economical costs. Here, we explore the best 40 slice CT scanner options on the market. 

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Siemens Sensation 40 Scanner

The Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 40 slice CT scanner is designed for high-quality images and a variety of purposes. The 40 slice CT scanner includes the Straton X-ray tube and z-Sharp technology that is also found in SOMATOM Sensation 64 slice scanners. The z-sharp technology, in particular, doubles scan information provided without increasing dosage by overlapping x-ray projections. 

Phillips Brilliance 40 Scanner

The Phillips Brilliance 40 is prepared to handle cardiovascular, oncology, radiology, and orthopedic needs among plenty of other applications at its disposal. The DoseWise technology offered by Phillips means patients will be exposed to a lower dosage without impacting image quality. With product features including scan times of .4 seconds, back-illuminated photo (BIP) technology, and extended z-axis coverage, a clinic and its members will enjoy working with a Phillips Brilliance 40 slice CT scanner. 

Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS

Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS is a versatile machine that could be the option you are looking for while providing you the possibility for upgrades in the future. The Definition allows for entirely on-site upgradability, up to 128 slices. Having this kind of flexibility and potential in a scanner is ideal for the clinic looking to expand functionality in the future. With any potential for that need, this scanner can prove a valuable investment that will save the clinic from making another purchase in the future.

Choosing the right scanner for a clinic is a challenging task, but the 40 slice CT scanner choices provide high functionality at more reasonable pricing. For the clinic looking to get the best levels of performance at manageable costs, these options in the 40 slice count range are the best place to look. 

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