July 31, 2019

Siemens PET Scan Machine Price: Choose Marquis and Save

Find the Lowest Siemens PET Scan Machine Price at Marquis Medical and Receive High-Quality Service, Training, and Maintenance From an Industry Leader

If you are wondering about Siemens PET scan machine price, you are likely in the business of healing. PET scanners have become indispensable to the accurate and timely diagnosis of cancer, brain disease, heart disease, and more ailments. The earlier symptoms can be detected, the sooner treatment can begin. The powerful medical imaging technology behind PET and PET/CT scanners is relied upon by thousands every day. If you are in the market for a new scanner system and want to know what you can expect a Siemens PET scan machine price to be, you have come to the right place. Marquis Medical is the trusted source for everything PET/CT, and we are committed to cutting costs for our customers while delivering products and services of the highest quality. When you choose Marquis, you will typically save up to 50% compared to the cost of a new scanner.

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How to Find Prices of Siemens PET Scan Machines from Marquis

Step One: Browse Our Inventory. See the reconditioned and refurbished scanners we currently have in our inventory. Currently, these include the Siemens Biograph 40 TruePoint (2008, with CT software updated in 2015), the Siemens Mobile Biograph 6 (2006), the Siemens Biograph 6 Hi-Rez (2005), and the Siemens Biograph Duo (2003). All of these popular Siemens PET scan machines have been reconditioned by our team of experts, restored to like-new condition. A PET scan machine from Marquis Medical is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, while saving you up to half the cost of new.

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Step Two: Contact Us. To learn our Siemens PET scan machine prices, and for a deeper discussion of your organization’s needs and how we can help, contact Marquis Medical. We are never too busy to respond to your call or email. It is our mission to support organizations like yours that provide life-saving medical care, with excellent customer service. When you receive a quote from us, that price includes shipping, installation, and warranty.

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Step Three: Learn About Maintenance. Maintenance programs are the backbone of our business. If our price on a Siemens PET scan machine is right for your organization, consider taking advantage of our maintenance services as well. Maintenance from Marquis is affordable, and provided by the best service engineers in the industry. 

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Client Testimonial

“At Healthworx of Pembroke Pines, we originally purchased post warranty service for our diagnostic imaging devices from the OEM. We knew it was probably more costly than the independent service companies, but we were told that the independent companies didn’t have the experience to service our equipment. With a need to reduce our budget expense for service, we tried Marquis Medical, an independent service provider. Marquis saved us money and delivered better service than the OEM with a very reliable, knowledgeable staff. We recommend you consider Marquis Medical for your PET/CT service needs. They have provided excellent service!” – Ron Settle, BS, CNMT, Director of Nuclear Medicine, FICC dba Healthworx; Pembroke Pines, FL