May 23, 2019

Siemens PET CT Systems Tailored to Meet Your Facility’s Needs

Choose from Our Inventory of Siemens PET CT Systems Reconditioned by the Experts

When it comes time for your organization to invest in new medical imaging equipment, choose the trusted PET/CT specialists: Marquis Medical. In our inventory right now, we have Siemens PET CT systems and parts to meet your clinical, technical and financial needs. Browse our inventory to see the selection.

Our company was founded in 2006 by industry veterans who saw a need for specialized service dedicated to PET/CT systems. The choice to specialize in PET/CT, out of all the medical imaging technology on the market, has allowed us to become leaders in the field. We set out not only to meet the standards set by OEM companies, but to exceed them. For customer after customer, we have demonstrated that high quality and cost effectiveness can go hand in hand — and when they do, everyone wins.

If you are seeking Siemens PET CT systems, you will find we have several in our inventory right now, for sale or lease. All our systems come with shipping, installation and warranty. A reconditioned scanner from Marquis Medical is like new — or better. So explore our options today.

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What We Offer

Our service programs are carefully tailored to meet the needs of each facility we work with. Every facility is unique, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that these intricate medical imaging systems are in perfect working order for the healthcare teams and patients that rely on them.

In addition to providing customized service, we train service engineers, and provide third-party appraisals and inspections. We also sell and lease used Siemens PET CT systems and parts — restored to like-new condition, guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM standards. This enables our customers to rely on trusted Siemens technology for a fraction of the typical cost. Browse our selection of reconditioned Siemens PET CT systems today.

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About Marquis Medical

Kevin McGehee and Joe Sciarra, our founders, are experts in PET/CT — and are never too busy to respond to your email or take your call. Contact us today and tell us about your facility’s needs.

Kevin holds a degree in Biomedical Equipment Technology, and is certified as a Diagnostic Radiology Systems Specialist. He was regional service manager for PET and PET/CT service operations for CTI, until the company became Siemens. At that point, Kevin founded Marquis Medical with his partner, Joe.

Joe gained experience as an Avionics Technician for the United States Navy, where he received extensive training in radar, navigation, and communication subsystems. He joined CTI Molecular Imaging as PET Service Engineer, before being promoted to Northeast Service Manager.

Joe and Kevin’s combined experience formed the perfect foundation for the company they envisioned would fill a void in the medical imaging service industry: Marquis Medical.

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