August 29, 2019

Siemens Biograph PET CT Scanner: Find Yours for Less

Find Out Why the Siemens Biograph PET CT Scanner is the Top Clinical Choice

At Marquis Medical, we have multiple Siemens Biograph scanner models in our inventory right now. That’s because this model is a top choice of our clients around the nation. As the PET/CT specialists, we make it our mission to stay at the forefront of trends in the industry. We are a team of experts dedicated to helping our clients provide the best in medical imaging, by providing them with the best service in the industry at the best prices. Offering not only like-new reconditioned scanner systems, but also affordable maintenance programs, repairs, training, and more — we are your one-stop shop for everything PET/CT. Keep reading to learn more about the clinical favorite: the Siemens Biograph PET CT scanner.

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Siemens Biograph Scanner Models in Our Inventory

Right now, we carry the Siemens Mobile Biograph 6, the Biograph 40 TruePoint, the Biograph 6 Hi-Rez, and the Biograph Duo. While they are all PET/CT scanners, there are differences between these models. Call or email us today to discuss the similarities and differences between these Siemens Biograph scanner models, and find out which one will best fit the needs of your institution. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions, provide accurate information, and never pressure you to buy.

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How Does a Siemens Biograph Scanner Detect Cancer?

A Siemens Biograph scanner detects cancer by capturing images of the metabolism of nuclear material in the body. Gamma rays, emitted by a small amount of nuclear material injected into the patient’s blood stream, are captured by the scanner. The resulting images are analyzed by doctors to detect cancer activity.

“Specifically, PET studies evaluate the metabolism of a particular organ or tissue, so that information about the physiology (functionality) and anatomy (structure) of the organ or tissue is evaluated, as well as its biochemical properties. Thus, PET may detect biochemical changes in an organ or tissue that can identify the onset of a disease process before anatomical changes related to the disease can be seen with other imaging processes such as computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).”

Source: Hopkins Medicine

The Importance of Early Detection

The unique ability of PET/CT scanners, such as the Siemens Biograph, to detect early signs of cancer, has revolutionized cancer treatment and brought hope and healing to many people impacted by cancer. If cancer is detected early, a patient has a higher chance of recovery. World Cancer Day 2019 highlighted the importance of early detection. Early detection and diagnosis have been shown to improve survival rates and quality of life in cancer patients. Both the cost and complexity of treatment are reduced when cancer is detected early. We are proud to supply clinics nationwide with the technology they need to provide life-saving medical treatment.

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