October 2, 2019

PET Scan Machine Price: Save When You Choose Marquis

Get the Best PET Scan Machine Price with Marquis Medical

Whether you are seeking the best PET scan machine price, specific parts, affordable maintenance services, or repairs, Marquis Medical delivers. We built a national reputation for our maintenance services, the backbone of our business. Next, we expanded our offerings to include the reconditioned parts and systems our customers were seeking. If you need the best medical imaging technology for your clinic, and want the best PET scan price available, explore the systems we currently have in stock. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can most likely find it for you. Contact us today and discuss your needs with one of our experts.

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Marquis Medical: Your Trusted Source for Everything PET/CT

Marquis Medical was founded by experts in PET/CT, and we continue to bring the highest level of expertise to every aspect of our business. We regularly update the training of our factory-trained service engineers, and we have been ISO 13485 certified since 2014. This certification represents the best-in-class quality of the services and systems we offer. This is what makes Marquis Medical the trusted source for everything PET/CT, including complete systems for sale or lease. In our inventory right now, we have a number of Siemens systems ready for installation: the Siemens Biograph 40 TruePoint, Mobile Biograph 6, Biograph Duo, and more. If you want to learn the PET scan prices for any of the systems in our inventory, contact us today!

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New vs Reconditioned: What’s the Difference?

When you choose a reconditioned scanner from Marquis Medical, you get a scanner that works exactly as it did when it was new. Our reconditioned systems are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The major difference between a new scanner and a reconditioned scanner is the price. A new scanner may cost upwards of 1 million dollars. Choose reconditioned from Marquis Medical, and save — on average, up to half the cost of new. And, the price we’ll quote you includes delivery, installation and warranty. If you need the best medical imaging technology at the best price, contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

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Other Factors in Pricing PET Scan Machines

In addition to the choice between new and reconditioned, one of the biggest factors in PET scan price is slice count. The more slices a PET/CT scanner can capture, the more expensive the system will be. A scanner with more slices will capture images more quickly. The Biograph 40 TruePoint currently in our inventory is a 40 slice PET from Siemens with a very low tube count. This is a great choice if you are seeking a great PET scan machine price on one of the most popular Siemens models.

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