July 31, 2019

PET CT Scan Machine Price: Save with Marquis Medical

Learn How to Get a Lower PET CT Scan Machine Price From An Industry Leader That Provides Quality Products and High-Quality Maintenance

Are you in the market for a PET CT scan machine? This medical imaging equipment can be a major investment, costing upwards of 1 million dollars. If you want a lower PET CT scan machine price than that, learn more about what we have to offer at Marquis Medical. When you choose an expertly refurbished PET CT scanner from Marquis, you get everything you would expect from a new scanner. You also get access to our renowned customer service and affordable maintenance programs, to keep your PET CT scan machine costs low for the entire lifetime of your system.

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Get a Better Price on Your Next PET CT Scanner from Marquis

Are you prepared to spend between 1 and 2 million dollars, or even more, on a new PET CT scanner? This is what you can expect for PET CT scan machine price if you choose a new model.

“The costs of PET/CT systems, which are often used for determining the stages of cancer and monitoring cancer treatment, can range from $1 million to $2.7 million, said Kevin Lee, senior analyst for the healthcare technology advisory service at the ECRI Institute, which is based in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. Budget-friendly models tend to cost between $1 million and $1.7 million, with the higher-end models costing at least $2 million.” (Source: Modern Healthcare)

The article cited above fails to mention the growing market for refurbished PET CT scan systems. This is where many institutions are turning to save big on PET CT scan machine cost. When you choose a reconditioned system from Marquis, you receive the performance you need while saving half or more when compared to new.

Marquis Medical: The Trusted Source

The idea of a brand new PET CT scan machine is attractive, and we know you would never want to compromise safety, reliability, or accuracy when investing in a refurbished PET CT system. That’s why, at Marquis Medical, we are proud to be the trusted source for everything PET CT. Founded by experts in the field of biomedical engineering and molecular imaging, we have built a strong national reputation thanks to our focus on PET CT, and nothing else. We now provide institutions with refurbished systems and parts, repairs and maintenance, training and customer service that consistently exceed expectations.

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Once you have invested in a PET CT scanner system, whether new or refurbished, you want it to continue operating perfectly for as long as it is in use. Our Maintenance Programs are at the core of our business. From the start, we pledged to deliver the best service possible at an affordable price. Our factory trained service engineers are the best in the industry, and we constantly update their training. Our maintenance programs are another way to save on a PET CT scan machine over the lifetime of your system.

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