July 31, 2019

The Latest PET Scan Machines Aim to Keep Costs Down; So Do We

The Latest PET Scan Machines Have Been Designed to Keep Costs Down. We Can Help You Save Even More.
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Advances in PET scan machine technology have been made with the goal of keeping costs lower. For example, one of the latest PET scan machines is the Siemens Biograph Horizon, which received FDA approval in 2016. According to Imaging Technology News, the following improvements have been made with this model, with the goal of lowering operations and maintenance costs:

– Reconstruction scans are performed in as little as 5 minutes, delivering the image 30 seconds after scan completion.

– Automatic standby and gentle system warm-up reduce power consumption. 

– Protocol-based exams, such as Quanti QC, run quality control procedures overnight.

– The Guardian Program has the power to predict system issues before they occur. According to Siemens, this program can greatly lower costs stemming from unplanned downtime.

The reality is that new PET scan machines are incredibly expensive. While these improvements will certainly help reduce the cost of operating and maintaining the system, you can still expect to spend upwards of 1 million dollars on popular PET scan machines from companies like Siemens, GE, and Philips.

If you want dramatic savings on the cost of a PET scan machine system — half the cost of new — keep reading to learn about how we at Marquis Medical can meet your needs.

Find a PET/CT Scanner That Meets Your Budget and Clinical Needs

At Marquis Medical, we have been focusing on PET/CT and nothing else since our company was founded in 2006 by Joe Sciarra and Kevin McGehee. Our founders set out to fill a void they saw in the PET and PET/CT service market. They built their business on the foundation of their extensive experience in the industry. Now, our highly trained service engineers provide maintenance and repairs to our clients’ systems, including the latest PET scan machines and older models alike. And we refurbish used PET scanners and parts to like-new condition, to provide you with incredible savings on this critically important medical imaging technology.

If you are interested in saving on PET scanners, parts, or maintenance, contact us and tell us about your needs. We would be glad to help.

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The PET Scan Machines in Our Inventory

The current PET scan machines currently in our inventory include a 2008 Siemens Biograph 40 TruePoint, and a 2006 Siemens Mobile Biograph 6. These are two popular Siemens models that institutions around the world trust for their medical imaging needs. Cancer diagnosis, measurement of blood flow and oxygen use, diagnosing heart problems and brain disorders are some of the many uses for which these systems are suitable. View our inventory for more details.

World Class Maintenance Programs

Whether you have one of the latest PET scan machines or a refurbished older model, our maintenance programs and repair services will keep it functioning optimally. Click to learn more.

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