August 29, 2019

How Much is a PET Scan Machine from Marquis Medical?

If You’re Asking “How Much is a PET Scan Machine?” We Think You’ll Like Our Answer On The Money You Can Save By Choosing Marquis Medical

PET scanners have become a widely used medical imaging technology in recent years, and for good reason. Since x-rays were discovered 120 years ago, medical imaging has advanced considerably. Today, images produced by a PET scanner are used by doctors to detect early signs of disease within the complex systems of the human body. If you are seeking to add or replace a PET scanner system at your clinic or institution, one of the first questions you will likely ask is, “How much is a PET scan machine?”

Welcome to Marquis Medical, where we specialize in anything and everything PET/CT. From the outset, we have made PET/CT the focus of our business, which has allowed us to become leaders in the field of PET/CT maintenance, repair, reconditioning and sales. To find out how you can save, on average, half the cost of new with a reconditioned scanner from Marquis, keep reading.

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The Cost of a PET Scan Machine Depends On Whether You Choose New or Reconditioned

A new PET scan machine can cost up to 2 million dollars. This is a major investment not to be taken lightly. You will want to find a trusted model by one of the top companies producing PET scanners today, such as Siemens, General Electric, or Philips Healthcare. While you would never compromise on quality in order to save money, your resources may not allow for the purchase of a 2 million dollar scanner. With our reconditioned scanners and maintenance services, no compromise is necessary. A reconditioned scanner from Marquis is exactly like a new one, only much less expensive. How much does a PET scan machine from Marquis cost? Our clients save, on average, half of what they would have spent on a new system when they choose one of our reconditioned systems.

Our team of experts is factory-trained, and we regularly update their training. Before your scanner arrives at your facility, we make sure that it meets or exceeds OEM specifications. The price of your system includes shipping, installation, and warranty. If want to know what the cost of a PET scan machine in our inventory is, contact us. We look forward to discussing your needs and how we can be of service to you.

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How Does a PET Scanner Work?

Whether you choose new or reconditioned, a PET scanner works the same. A small amount of radioactive material is injected into the patient’s body. Most commonly, a simple sugar like glucose is used. A radioactive atom is applied to the glucose. When injected into the bloodstream, the substance accumulates and gives off gamma rays which are detected by the PET scanner. A computer generates images of the scans, which are used by doctors to identify certain cancers and other diseases, and track if and how they are spreading throughout the body.

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