October 18, 2019

Ensure Your Confidence in Your Siemens mCT PET Scanner

Trustworthy Maintenance and Training for Siemens mCT PET Scanner, as Well as an Entire Inventory of Scanners 

For a clinical team to operate effectively, it needs to be confident in its equipment. With our affordable maintenance and training programs available for the Siemens mCT PET scanner, your staff will be prepared for success. At Marquis Medical, we understand the level of care you have for your patients, and you need to trust your equipment to take care of your patients at the highest level. That is why we perform our maintenance on every Siemens PET scanner with the same level of care you show your patients.

Proper patient care relies on proper equipment, which is why it is imperative that your equipment functions at its best at all times. If there are errors or inconsistencies that you detect, your scanner should be looked at by a professional immediately. Even if your Siemens PET scanner appears to be functioning properly, you should still have it scheduled for regular maintenance.

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Moving with Siemens mCT PET Scanner

Advancements in the technology of PET scanners means that the operators of the equipment need to stay current with developments and changes. By making sure that your clinic is equipped with properly functioning scanners, you’ve only done part of the job. Without the right people to operate these scanners, your clinic will not be prepared to operate at its best.

By staying aware of what your technology can do and how it works, you put yourself and your clinic in a position to achieve the best possible results.

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Staying Up-to-Date with Advancements

Much familiarity with PET scanners is related to detecting cancerous lesions. Now, with advancements in this Siemens mCT PET scanner, quantification of absolute myocardial blood flow and amyloid deposits in brains of dementia patients is a possibility. This can have a dramatic impact on the way we operate with patients suffering from dementia. Early detection could improve treatment of the disease and reduce the rate of deterioration.

Advancements are also changing the scope of patients we are able to work with. Scanners are now able to support weights of 227 kg (approximately 500 lbs), enabling clinics to provide better care to bariatric patients. Remaining informed with the latest potential in scanners is essential to providing the best possible care for your patients.

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Accounting for Human Error

Even when there is nothing wrong with a Siemens PET scanner, things can still go wrong. If the person operating the equipment is not fully trained on all the capabilities of the system, you run the risk of misleading results. Reproducible quantification could be compromised if your technicians are not trained by knowledgeable professionals.

Marquis Medical provides professional training services to ensure that your Clinical Engineers are prepared. With an ideal combination of classroom training alongside hands-on experience, Marquis Medical’s trainers will put your staff in a position to perform with confidence. Even the slightest uncertainty is too much to risk when it comes to operating these scanners. That is why we’ve had our course syllabus designed by some of the best active engineers in the business.

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