October 10, 2019

Siemens PET CT Biograph 16: What to Know When Refurbished

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When a clinic is working to detect or treat cancers, heart disease, or brain disorders, it cannot overlook the importance of having a functioning scanner on site. The Siemens PET CT Biograph 16 is a strong piece of equipment to fill this need for a clinic. Purchasing one is a sensible decision for the outlook of the clinic as a whole; and the company the purchase is made from must be trustworthy.

How can you be confident that the company you are working with is providing you with reliable equipment you can count on? Especially when purchasing refurbished scanners, you need to be certain the company working with them knows what they are doing. Here, we will discuss some of the signs you should look for in a company when you are looking to purchase any Siemens PET CT scanner—including this Siemens PET CT Biograph scanner.

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Are They Knowledgeable About the Products?

Expertise in the products is an essential part of any industry, but it is all the more important when working with equipment that people depend on for healthcare. We rely on these pieces of equipment every day to give us reliable answers to life-impacting questions.

Is the company you are purchasing from talking about what they do? There should be a place that showcases their experience and expertise. Whether it is a reference to their client history, documentation of their knowledge in the field, or proof of their education and experience, there should be no question in your mind that the company you choose is skilled, reputable and professional.

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What Other Services Do They Provide?

If you are going to this company for the first time, make sure you can rely on them in the future. When you discuss the purchase of any Siemens PET CT scanner, ensure that you are talking to a company that can provide maintenance and training on the equipment, as well. It is inevitable that you will need further assistance with your equipment, and you shouldn’t have to look for another company to do it. Make your life easier by working with a company that can provide a full range of service

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Making a Switch in Service for your Siemens PET CT Biograph 16

If a company provides you with a good product, that does not necessarily indicate that they will provide you with good service in the future. Of course, it would be preferable to go to the same company again and again, but if their training is not as good as their maintenance or sales, do not hesitate to look elsewhere to meet your total servicing needs.

At Marquis Medical, we provide a comprehensive list of services. Across our service departments, we have experts in the field prepared to work with you to provide the best and latest information available. The right help makes everything better.

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