40 Slice CT Scanner: The Best Options Available on the Market

40 Slice Ct Scanner Options For You To Consider

In 2005, Siemens introduced the first 40 slice CT scanner to the market. The development of technology in CT scanners has been as fast as any place in the world, and triple-digit slice scanners are now commonplace. The slice count of a given scanner is deservingly one of the most important factors to consider in a clinic’s purchase of a scanner.

While a 16 slice scanner can sufficiently meet the needs of a high-use facility, the upgrade to a 40 slice scanner will result in shorter examination times with a smaller likelihood of image impairment due to movement. For trauma, very high-use critical care units, and research institutions, there may be a need for an even higher slice count than 40. Still, for the clinic looking for performance improvement over their 16 slice scanner or lower, a 40 slice scanner is an excellent upgrade to make. With most refurbished 40 slice scanners costing less than $100,000, it is a capable scanner to get under the 6-figure price point. 

Opting for a 40 slice scanner means a clinic does not need to compromise between speed and image quality. This slice count allows for both at economical costs. Here, we explore the best 40 slice CT scanner options on the market. 

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Siemens Sensation 40 Scanner

The Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 40 slice CT scanner is designed for high-quality images and a variety of purposes. The 40 slice CT scanner includes the Straton X-ray tube and z-Sharp technology that is also found in SOMATOM Sensation 64 slice scanners. The z-sharp technology, in particular, doubles scan information provided without increasing dosage by overlapping x-ray projections. 

Phillips Brilliance 40 Scanner

The Phillips Brilliance 40 is prepared to handle cardiovascular, oncology, radiology, and orthopedic needs among plenty of other applications at its disposal. The DoseWise technology offered by Phillips means patients will be exposed to a lower dosage without impacting image quality. With product features including scan times of .4 seconds, back-illuminated photo (BIP) technology, and extended z-axis coverage, a clinic and its members will enjoy working with a Phillips Brilliance 40 slice CT scanner. 

Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS

Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS is a versatile machine that could be the option you are looking for while providing you the possibility for upgrades in the future. The Definition allows for entirely on-site upgradability, up to 128 slices. Having this kind of flexibility and potential in a scanner is ideal for the clinic looking to expand functionality in the future. With any potential for that need, this scanner can prove a valuable investment that will save the clinic from making another purchase in the future.

Choosing the right scanner for a clinic is a challenging task, but the 40 slice CT scanner choices provide high functionality at more reasonable pricing. For the clinic looking to get the best levels of performance at manageable costs, these options in the 40 slice count range are the best place to look. 

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How Siemens Flash CT Scanner Innovates to Change Standards

Siemens is a company that has made its reputation through quality production and top-of-the-line manufacturing. But utilizing the same strategies to create new and better scanners has a point of diminishing returns. There needs to be some change in the way a scanner operates for it to be able to make real changes. Siemens Flash CT Scanner is one that fits the bill as an industry-altering scanner. 

Much of the improvements in the scanning industry have revolved around increasing slice counts and lowering the patient dosage. Those two components cover two of the essential parts of scanning goals: patient safety and quality imaging. Siemens, with its SOMATOM Definition Flash, has been able to improve both of these factors by approaching the scanner differently. 

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The Key To Accelerating CT Imaging

The Dual Source technology used in Siemens Flash CT Scanner allows for scans to complete in the blink of an eye. The dual sources are coupled with Stellar detectors to capture the generated X-rays. This method of imaging results in extremely high spatial resolution.

The technology in the SOMATOM Definition Flash enables the highest of standards in a wide range of applications. The scanner can capture cardiology images for patients with irregular heart rates or atrial fibrillations. The speed of scans with this scanner is also useful in use for pediatric patients. Where clinics use sedation to get pediatric patients to sit still for scans, the speed of this scanner makes that harmful sedation obsolete. 

Dual Functionality of Dual Sources in Siemens Flash CT Scanner

The SOMATOM Definition Flash and its dual-source scanning system are not only providing utility through improving the speed of its imaging. By using two sources of radiation, clinics can reduce the overall dosage to which they expose their patients. 

Even though radiation is now coming through two sources with this scanner, the ability to receive imaging from two locations dramatically reduces the amount of time the patient needs to be exposed. Dosage, therefore, drops considerably from the improved rate of the scan alone. This reduction in dosage is especially useful with the increased frequency in the usage of scanners. Dose values below one mSv are the norm with Siemens Flash CT Scanner.

Technical Specifications 

Detector 2 x Stellar detector

Number of slices 2 x 128

Rotation time 0.28 s1

Temporal resolution 75 ms1, heart-rate independent

Generator power 200 kW (2 x 100 kW)

kV steps 70, 80, 100, 120, 140 kV

Isotropic resolution 0.33 mm

Cross-plane resolution 0.30 mm

Max. scan speed 458 mm/s1 with Flash Spiral

Table load up to 307 kg / 676 lbs1

Gantry opening 78 cm

The dual-source technology of Siemens Flash CT Scanner has effectively raised the bar of the scanning world. With this kind of innovation at the hands of a clinic, they enable themselves to transform the way they care for patients.

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Where Your Clinic Finds a PET CT Scanner for Sale is Important

The healthcare community is an essential staple in the lives of citizens across the country. Without appropriate healthcare, the quality of life diminishes, and the risk of severe illness increases. A healthcare clinic and its equipment play vital roles in the community, even if people don’t think about them until they need them. Citizens don’t think about these issues, but they rely on clinics to find the right PET CT scanner for sale from the right supplier.

The way citizens depend on clinics to give them the help they need is the same way a clinic must rely upon others to ensure their scanners are in top working condition. Imagine going to one company to find your scanner, going to another to get it fixed, going to another for training, and yet another for maintenance. Having this many relationships with different companies is not an efficient means of operating. 

Marquis Medical runs an operation so that you can depend on us for all of your scanner supplying and servicing needs. With a full slate of services, your clinic can always feel comfortable calling on Marquis Medical for best-in-class service.

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Full Servicing to Provide a Reliable Option

To find a place with the PET CT scanner for sale that you are looking for but nothing else means only a portion of the job is complete. For that scanner to provide effective services to the community and be a dependable component of the clinic, you must also know where you can go to keep the scanner operating at its best.

Marquis Medical’s servicing is done by experienced engineers that have seen all kinds of problems in the field and will be prepared to keep your clinic’s scanner working at its best. A scanner is worthless if it is not operating at its best, and Marquis Medical’s staff works with you to make sure your scanner is always in the best working condition.

Even with a high-quality scanner, not having the right people in place to use the equipment is a mistake. Even the right people need the right training. Active engineers with a wealth of experience design the Marquis Medical syllabus and provide training. Having them in place ensures that we are offering the best possible training. 

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The Best Place to Search For a PET CT Scanner For Sale

Even with the best training and best in class service providers, a clinic still needs to make sure they find a high functioning machine. Marquis Medical has your clinic covered there too. We offer refurbished scanners and parts to fit your clinic’s needs. 

The priority of Marquis Medical is to provide everything your clinic needs so you don’t need to waste time going from one company to another for everything that comes up. Before looking for a PET CT Scanner for sale anywhere else, check with Marquis Medical so you can have a full-service option. 

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Essential Information on Siemens 64 Slice CT Scanner Specifications

For clinics that know they need a 64 slice scanner, Siemens – like with many of their products – offers ideal solutions. Here we will dive into the Siemens 64 slice CT scanner specifications to fully inform clinics and enable them to make the best decision for their needs. 

Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 64 is a dependable scanner and one for which Siemens is well-known. This reliable machine is one of the best on the market and is a high-quality offering from Siemens. The Definition AS is a more versatile option for those clinics that require some flexibility in their scanner. Here, we will dive into the information a clinic must have around both of these scanners to make the best decision.

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Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 64 Slice CT Scanner

The award-winning sensation series has given clinics top of the line results in every installation that it has to offer. The 64 slice edition of the Sensation series is no exception to the consistent excellence from Siemens. Before the Sensation 64, there was no CT scanner with the ability to take 192 images per second of the heart. This is the scanner that broke that barrier.   

The Sensation 64 puts patient safety first with a 70% reduction in the required radiation dosage and does so with no compromise to image quality and clarity. Even the smallest and most complex images of areas like the inner ear bones and joints can be captured and viewed easily.

Below are Siemens 64 slice CT scanner specifications for the Sensation 64.  


  • 0.33mm isotropic resolution (standard)
  • 0.24mm isotropic resolution (with z-UHR option)
  • Cardiac imaging rotation time of .33 seconds
  • UDF detector
  • Spiral artifact-free imaging
  • STRATON X-ray tube technology
  • z-Sharp technology
  • Routine exam detection of soft plaques
  • 70% reduction in radiation dose
  • Sub-millimeter coverage: 87 mm/s
  • Data Acquisition (slices/rotation): 64
  • 0 MHU X-Ray tube: STRATON with 5 MHU/min cooling rate
  • Generator peak power: 80 kW
  • CARE Dose4D


  • SafeCT Low-dose Solution
  • Configuration: Multislice helical
  • # of slices: 64
  • Power: 380-480 VAC, 3-phase, 63-111 kVA
  • Siting Requirements: 24 m2 (floor space needed)

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Other Siemens 64 Slice CT Scanner Specifications

The versatile SOMATOM Definition AS also comes with an available 64 slice modification. The scanner comes with upgradability with a Stellar detector up to 128 slices that could be done entirely on-site. Stellar detector enabled systems have the ability to measure smaller signals, all with a greater width in dynamic range.


  • Full FAST CARE functionality
  • High performance image reconstruction
  • State-of-the-art cardio-vascular imaging
  • Industry best spatial resolution
  • High-speed whole body coverage
  • Virtually no patient exclusion
  • Comprehensive low dose CT portfolio

Both Siemens Sensation and Siemens Definition AS are top of the line scanners that enable a clinic astounding servicing capabilities. The Definition AS has the edge for versatility, but Siemens Sensation is a flagship of the industry for good reasons. When exploring options for 64 slice scanners, it is a mistake to look past these two scanners from Siemens.

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