October 2, 2019

Siemens Horizon PET CT: What Makes This System Unique?

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Fortunately for healthcare providers and patients, there are a wide variety of PET/CT scanner systems available on the market today. Scanners come in different sizes, with varying slice counts, and at a range of prices. The scanner that is right for you will depend on your clinical needs and budget. Due to its cost efficiency and technology advancements, the Siemens Horizon PET CT scanner is one popular choice of healthcare providers today. In 2016, the FDA awarded 501(k) clearance to the Siemens Biograph Horizon. Keep reading to learn more about this model.

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Uses for the Siemens Horizon PET CT Scanner

Siemens recognized the need for a more affordable PET/CT scanner, and responded by developing the Siemens Biograph Horizon.

The Biograph Horizon has a bore diameter of 70 cm, a tunnel length of 130 cm, and a table capacity of 500 lbs. Available in either 16 or 32 slices, this system delivers excellent image quality in just 60 seconds per bed position. High-resolution, 4mm crystal elements support detection of small lesions. A smaller crystal leads to better spatial resolution, and this Siemens Horizon PET machine’s detector array uses over 20,000 of them. This helps to visualize small lesions and therefore make better treatment decisions.

Also in the Biograph Horizon, a powerful computer system capable of reconstructing two data sets simultaneously delivers images as fast as 30 seconds after the completion of the scan. Time-of-Flight measures the actual time difference between the detection of each coincidence photon. By localizing the event within a small range along each line of response, this system enables faster scans, improved image quality, and lower injected doses.

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Marquis Medical was founded by two experts in PET/CT who saw a void in the PET/CT service market. They built their business on affordable maintenance programs that ensure their customers’ medical imaging systems continue to perform perfectly. If you are off warranty and still using OEM service, Marquis Medical can improve performance while reducing your costs — the best of both worlds.

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